AKAB School for the Blind was established by Professor Muhammad Ilyas Ayub in 2000. As the President of Azad Kashmir Association of the Blind and Principal AKAB School, he became beacon of light for visually impaired community of Kashmir in the coming years.

Having M.Phil in Special Education, Master in English Literature and gold medal in Bachelor degree, Professor Ilyas has been teaching English literature in Government College Mirpur. Professor was honored Presidential Award of Excellence by the AJK government and Volunteer Award by the Government of Pakistan.

AKAB School, accredited by the AJK government and the national certifying organizations, was initially working in a rental building. In 2000, AKAB stepped into the field of special education by one teacher one student. Visually impaired students from across the Kashmir were enrolled each year in a large number. The rental building was too small for classes and the administration had no option but to use the same space for hostel, library, computer classes, prayers and all other facilities.

Later a nearby house was added to the facility for hostel purpose. In the meantime, Professor Ilyas Ayub had established his reputation as a well known educationist. Recognizing his great efforts for the blind community, the government decided to allot a piece of land for the construction of school and hostels. From a dream to a reality, after 13 years, AKAB Complex has been completed.

AKAB School have produced at least 6 players for the national Blind Cricket team of Pakistan.
I was the first student of the school having one teacher, today I am teaching here at AKAB School. When...
I was the first student of the school having one teacher, today I am teaching here at AKAB School. When I joined this school, I was very shy to talk to people, later with the help of the teachers in this school I learnt a